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The Payroll Series is about group of three friends from Brooklyn quit their day jobs to start the largest media festival to date. But They quickly learn this harsh reality: business isn’t always done by the book, and any wrong move can cost them their future, which they’ve bet everything on.

The crew often find themselves facing different forms of adversity and in each scenario we see their true personalities come to the forefront – for better or for worse. The most obvious example of this is how Dom rests on his street savvy paired with his corporate know-how to create Bando Fest. And as the anticipation for the festival grows, they’re tested—time and time again.

Each character in Payroll has their own journey and each are faced with very weighted life decisions. Making Bando Fest happen isn’t worth it if they can’t get there together and they build an idea from the ground up and it takes each of their strengths and less of their pride to succeed. In trying to overcome the obstacles in launching their first annual (exclusive) media festival and the business behind it, they quickly understand that business isn’t by the book. Any any wrong move can cost them the future they’ve bet everything on.

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