About Us

Since 2013, we have had a vision to create, a vision to lead and a vision to empower.  CampSight has allowed us to leave our mark on the world and assist others in making their production visions realities. Everyone has a bit of artistic prowl in them and with the ability to create comes responsibility.  "Give me a lever and place to stand and I will move the world."  

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Our Mission

Deliver unequivocal artistry to entertain the masses young and old.  Our stylistic production and diverse stories are tailored to entertain and provoke emotions.  We hope our productions can be our lasting gifts to the world as they will out live us and provide happiness to all who indulge. 


Viewster Online Film Festival Finalist 
Nantucket Film Festival Finalist 
Official Selection of the Charlotte Film Festival
Official Selection of the HollyShorts Film Festival
Official Selection of the LA CineFest
Official Selection of the 2018 Jack Daniels Film Fest
Winner of the NYC Indie Film Awards


Rolling Out
R Legacy
Baltimore Sun
Shadow & Act